Awakening Arc

Chapters 1-9

Tamashi, a young girl from Tokyo, suddenly wakes up in the mysterious Ancient Land. She is saved by a mysterious samurai, after suddenly getting attacked by a frightening monster. The samurai disappears afterwards and Tamashi is left alone again. A kind old monk finds her and takes her to the Monks of the Mountain Temple, a place where young boys learn to be men. After another encounter with a bigger monster, Tamashi discovers she has gained a strange power over moonlight. Father Monk, the head of the temple, tells her about the Children of the Ancient Land. Children born with powers over many facets of nature and life that are reborn again and again. Tamashi has gained the power of the Child of the Moon and is very unsure how to deal with this. Luckily she makes friends with Sui-mo, a young boy and student at the temple that has the power of the Child of Fire. He is willing to stick by her and help her control her powers, while hopefully also being the family Sui-mo never had. Meanwhile, a couple of other Childs of the Ancient Land, are looking for the Child of the Moon, and they just so happened to have found her.

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Spirit Arc

Chapters 10-15

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